Nov 13, 2011

VOODOO LAB/background design

here is my design for a voodoo lab (gray scale and color)
and above some step by step and study material 

Oct 20, 2011

Oct 1, 2011

RETRO GEORGE/charcter design

Starting with an idea for a bad guy
it turned out to be something halfway between:

-Oscar Wilde
  (the sunflower is a direct reference from his habit to put one in his pocket)

- Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff
  from The Princess and the Frog

- The Monocle
  from The Umbrella Academy

and maybe some touch of Mark Twain
(mustache and old gentleman look I guess)


Different style approach
easier to animate

Sep 30, 2011


 plague doctor character design
 first style test
other styles coming soon


the new header work progress
started with a silly doodle
 thanks to this site 
I didn't come out with 
a complete color disaster

Sep 24, 2011

Aug 20, 2011

Vancouver third coffee

great hair man!
[Same cafè]


[stiamo ancora ricercando informazioni sulla datazione di questa illustrazione 
di scarso valore artistico ma immenso dal punto di vista antropologico]

Aug 15, 2011

Vancouver first Coffee

Just starting a series of people portraits in Vancouver -where I just moved-
Thanks for the patience barmaid from West Hastings Street cafè 
(whose name I really don't remember, -Nora?-)
Obviously it's just my point of view and my very little ability in portraits that led to this, hope to become better and better...